Fengshui for Good Life

Jyoti Arora is an international name in the field of Tarot Fengshui and Occult sciences. She is blessed with powers of clairvoyance, a strong intuition and psychic abilities. A senior corporate professional for over 10 years with a sound academic background of B.E. (Electronics& Telecommunication) and a PG. Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising. Her fields of practice are Fengshui, Tarot Reading, Astrology and Colour healing, Crystal healing and Gem Therapy. She has been dedicated to these fields for over 7 years. People from all walks of life throng to her for finding remedies.

Fengshui is an art , a science a technique by which we create an energy  balance in the space we live and target  to achieve wellness, happiness , prosperity and good luck. It may sound as a very tedious method of energy balancing  for some people to use but trust its first & foremost a living skill which offers an integrated set of guidelines that can be learnt and put into practice.

Feng shui is representative of Chinese science in the same manner as Indian Vaastu system or the electro-magnetic spectrum which is used in western sciences. The chi energy line is the key to learn this beautiful art of Fengshui. The Chi is described as the  Celestial dragon’s  “Cosmic breath”.

Through the right practice of Fengshui one can minimize or modify the severity of misfortunes encountered ,thereby lessening their impact and enhances the Highs and modify the lows of your life’s experiences.

Not only life’s incidents with fengshui one can get practical guidances that enable anyone to select  good property, with good energies, good vibrations and positive high Yang energies.

We can use Fengshui from various perspectives and it can be used to evaluate the external environment that surrounds homes & buildings and it can also be used to plan interior spaces.. The time tested fengshui formulas also help us to custom design our luck by improving our Earth luck in many ways.

Not only with spaces & structures it works,  Feng shui also plays an important role in achieving the ambition we have   with thoughts we hold in our mind, the plans we make for ourselves and many times in the  way we do our make-up or dress ourselves.

In this column I shall keep updating you all, my very special readers on the various fengshui principals which one can use and benefit in numerous ways.

So keep reading ….

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